Gaby Segura: Born in San Jose, Costa Rica, Gabriela Segura’s captivating and crisply detailed photographs capture the natural world with vivid intensity. She often shoots her subjects from oblique, unexpected angles, mutating flowers, pinecones, and feathers into otherworldly objects with unusual textures and shapes.

Whether documenting striking, tropical landscapes, abstracted interiors, or rugged mountain scenes, Segura frames and crops her images carefully to exploit their psychological impact.

Using macro and wide angle lenses, she also manipulates light to luminous effect. Both natural and artificial lights are harnessed with precision in her technically meticulous compositions. Segura approaches the world as a place of wonder, full of people, places, and experiences to be discovered and documented with equal measures of emotional intensity.

Romantic and refined, the work of Gabriela Segura updates the tradition of using photography as a means of transforming reality. Segura photographs the world in rich color and soft focus, a classic combination. While this kind of approach usually is used to infuse images with an atmosphere of escapism, this artist adopts a subtler tone of exploration. She explains that her driving inspiration is the realization that “the world is full of wonders.”

Photography is my true passion.

The first picture I took made me realize that this technique might take me months, or even years, to perfect but it is what I want to do for the rest of my life.

I discover something completely new, something that I have never thought about before.